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CrookedJock Labrador Retrievers

Puppies !   Freya  is due a litter in April 2024 (Stud -Antonine Charley Barley)
First time out
Pups on parade
Inca and her Brother Brodie
Isla's first litter
Pick ME
Izzy's Litter @ 10 days
Isla's first litter

We established CrookedJock Labrador Retrievers in August 2014 when we were expecting our first litter from Isla. We believe firmly in responsible breeding and the carefull placement of puppies in their new homes. All our girls live in our house and litters are raised within our home.


We are Scottish Borders Council registered & inspected - 1010/SBC

All our puppies are Kennel Club registered, vet checked and microchipped. We provide a puppy pack including the five weeks KC insurance, contract of sale, health check list, breeding pedigree, feeding/condition guidlines, 15kg sack of quality feed and treats.

To ensure the responsible future breeding of our pups, we place Kennel Club endorsements on our litters.

Pups Growing Up

We love receiving updates on how our pups are getting on in their new 'forever homes' and we are very happy keeping in contact with new owners for whatever advice we can offer.

FTCH Mitforton Oscar of Leadburn

FTCH Mitforton Oscar of Leadburn

Afinmore Aftershock at Ariminias

Afinmore Aftershock at Ariminias

Afinmore Absolute

Afinmore Absolute

Hawksgarth Belenus of Eshiels

Hawksgarth Belenus of Eshiels

Hawksgarth Belenus of Eshiels

Hawksgarth Belenus of Eshiels

Mordor Simba...aka...Mufassa

Mordor Simba...aka...Mufassa



Galbarch Explorer of Mordor...aka...

Galbarch Explorer of Mordor...aka...

Oakglen Over the Border at Poniel

Oakglen Over the Border at Poniel

Stud Dogs

We choose our stud dogs very carefully to ensure high health status with the current compulsory and recommended tests. Finding a suitable match with our girls is important in breeding a well balanced, intelligent and affectionate pup.


CrookedJock Inferno (aka Freya or Baggy!) is daughter of Inca and FTCH Mitforton Oscar of Leadburn. She was Born Jan 2020 and right from the start we knew she was determined. The training manual was thrown out as we got to grips with how she wanted to learn! She is just like her mum with a sharp and athletic nature whilst still maintaining her softer more cuddly side.

She has proven herself to be a fantastic working dog both at distance as well as in close clearing out gorse etc. She really covers the ground with an excellent nose.

Her Health Tests are all good with clear eyes, zero elbows and 6 on Hips as well as clear DNA results. Her first litter in Sept 2022 to Antonine Charley Barley was absolutely stunning with pups going to a mix of working and pet homes. We were lucky enough to have two boys accepted into Guide Dogs for the Blind and receive regular reports on their training from the team at Forfar.


CrookedJock Kassiopia (aka Poppy) is daughter of Pippa and FTCH Mitforton Oscar of Leadburn. She was Born Jan 2021. She is an athletic dog who is playful and loving. Pictured here on the right with mum on her left.

Unfortunately she has decided that work is beneath her (she did not enjoy the noise of a shoot day) and spends most of her time looking after my parents with her mum Pippa.

Her Health Tests are all great with clear eyes, zero elbows and 9 on Hips as well as clear DNA results. She is yet to have her first litter after coming into season early before health test results were in! We hope to put her to stud in May/June 2024.


CrookedJock Midnight (aka Matilda/Tilly) is daughter of Olive and Ramsayville Revolver. She was Born Feb 2022 and is an extremely affectionate, kind and gentle girl who loves play and have cuddles! She is just like her mum with her soppy nature although she is more outgoing and confident having just started work out on the hill in early 2024. She earned the new nick-name of the Body Guard as she stuck by my side off the lead every time she came out in a nice calm steady introduction to work.

Her Health Tests are good with zero elbows and a rare 0 on Hips. Her DNA results revealed she is a carrier for Stargardt but clear for the rest. We will be searching for a suitably health tested Stud soon for a litter hopefully around October 2024.


CrookedJock Nightingale (aka Jemima or Jim-Jam) is also daughter of Pippa but with Stud Afinmore Amsterdam. She was born in June 2022 and is an incredibly soft, affectionate and gentle natured girl who loves to play and sleep to the max! She is the one on the far left of the group photo. We have started  health testing now with a view to breeding in 2025.

CrookedJock Labrador Retrievers - Retired

What no Inca?
Inca on right with sister Pippa
Inca on left with sister Pippa
Come Here
Inca at the front as usual
Inca leads the pack
Izzy's Litter @ 10 days

CrookedJock Inca is daughter of Izzy and Mordor Simba (aka Mufassa) from Charlie Thorburn's kennels. She is our third Lab, born in April 2015. Inca is a fantastic working dog who excels on the beating line and has earned her nick-name 'The Machine'! At home she is a calm and affectionate girl who has proven to be an excellent mother.

Inca is now retired with her daughter Freya above continuing her line.


CrookedJock Pippa is also daughter of Izzy and Mordor Simba (aka Mufassa) from Charlie Thorburn's kennels. She is our fourth Lab, born in April 2015. Pippa lives with my parents but spends a lot of time on the farm with the pack and her sister. She is an incredibly affectionate and playful girl who has proven to be an  excellent mother producing fantastic dual purpose pups.

Pippa has had her third and final litter. Her daughter Poppy above will hopefully continue her line.

Edited Image 2016-12-29 15-39-48



CrookedJock Olive is daughter of Isla and Oakglen Over the Border at Poniel (aka Red) from Anne McKay's kennels. She is our fifth Lab, born in July 2016. Olive is the quintessential traditional Labrador with broad head, sturdy legs, big bear paws, a thick coat and a huge heart. She has a fun loving nature with her favorite game being to ambush the others.

Olive is mother to Tilly above.

Isla Bear in the woods
Waiting for the partridge drive.
It's MY armchair!
What's between the eyes?
Isla as a puppy

Isla Delamitri Lady of the Manor (aka Isla Bear) was our first Lab, born in August 2009. She is from predominantly show lines, however, has proven herself to be a steady and reliable dog on the beating line. She has an incredibly gentle nature and is an exeptional mum. She is fantastic with other animals, and great with children. Her pups have found both working and pet homes across Scotland. Isla is sadly no longer with us, however, lives on in . We have kept one of her girls (see 'Olive' above).

Izzy modelling at Loch Voil
Winter training
Waiting for the 'Get On' command
'I am too beautiful to need a hat'
The huntress pounces!
Izzy as a puppy

Isabella Ice (aka Izzy-bizzy) is our second Lab, born in September 2010. She is from working stock and a long line of Field Trial Champs on both sides of her pedigree. Izzy is responsible for getting me into working with Labrador Retievers. She is never far from my side and despite her 'huntress' nature, she will always be found cuddled into me on the sofa each evening. She started out on the beating line with me, however, has come on superbly as a picking dog. Isla is sadly no longer with us, however, lives on in . We have kept one of her girls (see 'Inca' above).

The Return
At Work
'Chez' Roxy
Waiting for the gather
Between gathers on the bench
It's a sheep...I know it!
Roxy as a puppy

Roxy (aka Doo-Daa) came into our lives with an explosion in May 2011 and has never looked back. We, on the other hand, still don't know what hit us! A necessity in managing our growing flock of Rare Breed Sheep, she has single pawedly been responsible for ending marital disputes on how to conduct a gather. Full of character and typically Border Collie, she has helped me develop as a trainer.


Jess (aka Jess-Pest or Gore-Jess depending on what she has done!) hales from the Isle of Mull. She came to us with a view to filling Roxy's paw prints when she gets too auld to work the flock. Unfortunately Jess has different ideas about this and has decided that sheep don't exist and is blind to them! She is our pack police, a fantastic aunt to young pups and all round fabulous wee dog... we just wish she would answer her true calling!

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